St Helens 10k Appeal


St Helens is 10 years old this year and we are launching our 10k Appeal to raise £10,000 for services across the hospital.

It is our aim to provide the following items:

Sky Windows

We want to provide Digital Sky Windows and transform our clinical surroundings into a simulated environment for our patients to relax and unwind. With the use of intelligent LED panels, our patients will feel as if they are floating through the clouds as they explore a virtual window of the outside world to help them through their treatment.

This ground-breaking technology will be used in enclosed treatments bays in the Lilac Centre for patients receiving chemotherapy. For our patients, this technology makes a huge difference during their time in the Lilac Centre. 

The windows provide changeable views instead of blank walls and have varying light levels which alter depending on the time of day, allowing the patient’s body clock to remain in sync. It is truly amazing the difference these screens make.

Sky technology is not something the NHS funds, yet patients need it to help them cope with the treatment that could cure them of cancer. Thanks to caring people like you, the Sky technology will brighten the darkest days of patients’ lives.

“This will create a sense of natural daylight, helping to reduce stress levels and anxiety for our patients”
– Pat Gillis, Lilac Centre Manager

A shiny waiting area for our youngest patients

It’s hard being a child in hospital, but with your help we can make their time with us a less stressful one. 

We aim to lessen, if not alleviate, the suffering experienced by a child with the use of bright colours, wall art and imagery. Our new child-friendly waiting area will provide a relaxing, bright, inviting and healing space for them and help to establish a link between home and hospital.

“This will help our youngest patients feel more relaxed whilst attending appointments.” –  Tracey Mcloughlin, Matron

Safe space to provide counselling for vulnerable patients

With your donations, we can provide support for our patients who are suffering from the psychological effects of cancer, stroke and diabetes in a
safe and calm environment.

Being diagnosed with any illness can be a severely debilitating experience, resulting in fear, isolation, loss of self-esteem and loss of independence. Patients are particularly vulnerable to the effects of stress, anxiety and depression, so it is our priority to provide emotional support within a comfortable environment.

Whether it’s a cancer diagnosis or the aftermath of recovering from a stroke, the impact on mental health is often overlooked. It is therefore imperative for us to support our patients with a safe space where they can share their concerns.

Entertainment systems for younger long term patients on our Rehabilitation Unit

Our younger patients sometimes have to stay longer than expected at hospital, and are more likely to feel fed up the longer they are away from home. We aim to provide a permanent solution to this problem with the latest cutting-edge entertainment systems to keep our patients occupied and engaged in fun, interactive activities.

Entertainment systems not only help patients beat boredom, but will encourage socialising, reduce anxiety, create a distraction, and even aid in therapy. 

Pagers to allow patients waiting for treatment to be mobile around the hospital

We want to revolutionise the way patients communicate with staff, and with your help this can be made a reality. 

Not only will the use of pagers allow patients to be mobile around the hospital, but improved technologies like this will help to make communication between staff and patients more fluid – transforming the patient experience.

Our new pagers will allow patients to be more mobile around the hospital, which may even help towards recovery. Health professionals say that patient mobility can prevent loss of muscle strength, avoid high risk of infection and encourage patients to maintain a normal routine.

In total, these items cost £10,000.

Please help us to achieve our goal. Call the charity office on 0151 290 4400 or donate online via our JustGiving page here.