The Lilac Centre


The Lilac Centre Fund is Whiston and St Helens Hospitals’ Charity’s dedicated charitable fund for our St Helens based chemotherapy unit. We provide free complementary therapies for those who need it most, including holistic therapies to support our patients and carers. 

If you’d like to make a donation to the Lilac Centre through WS Hospitals Charity, please donate online, or call the charity office on 0151 290 4400

If you need to contact the Lilac Centre about an appointment or to speak to a member of the team, please telephone  01744 646166


Lilac Centre Fund

Your donations have provided…

Complementary therapies including counselling, reiki, aromatherapy, reflexology and hot stone therapy

Headscarves and head wear to give our patients that extra boost of confidence when they most need it

A dedicated specialist hair salon for our chemotherapy patients who may need help coping with hair loss as part of their treatment

Comfortable chairs for patients having chemotherapy treatment at the Lilac Centre. Read more here.

It costs over £10,000 per year to pay for additional therapies, so every penny raised is vital for us to continue providing these services.


We need your help

We want to provide Digital Sky Windows and transform our clinical surroundings into a simulated environment for our patients to relax and unwind. With the use of intelligent LED panels, our patients will feel as if they are floating through the clouds as they explore a virtual window of the outside world to help them through their treatment.

Sky technology is not something the NHS funds, yet patients need it to help them cope with the treatment that could cure them of cancer. Thanks to caring people like you, the Sky technology will brighten the darkest days of patients’ lives. Learn more here.


There are many ways you can raise funds for our charity. Freda Lunt is a regular fundraiser for the Lilac Centre and has made a number of significant contributions to our charitable fund, spanning over an impressive two decades.
This is her story…


“I started fundraising for the Lilac Centre 24 years ago after volunteering as a counsellor at Whiston Hospital.

When my husband died 20 years ago, this motivated me to hold our first annual charity day in aid of the Lilac Centre as it is a unique place where cancer treatment, emotional support and care is offered to patients and their families.

I spent all of my free time at Pilkingtons Sailing Club, so felt it was only right to involve them by hosting our charity day there.”


In total, the club has raised more than £35,000 over the last 25 years for the Lilac Centre, along with £350 raised this year.

“The Lilac Centre is a great cause which has grown tremendously over the years and is always improving – it has come a long way since being a small chemotherapy centre in Whiston Hospital!

We believe our fundraising efforts have played a big part in success of the Lilac Centre, which motivates us to continue fundraising and contributing to their growth.”


Make a donation

You can choose to support our Lilac Centre charitable fund by donating online, or calling the charity office on 0151 290 4400. 

Charity wristbands are on sale now at The Lilac Centre for a small donation of £1, all money goes towards the Lilac Centre fund.