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What We Do

Whiston and St Helens Hospitals' Charity raises funds to brighten the lives of the patients and families we care for every year. 

We are first and foremost a local hospital charity, we care for the people you care for.


Providing the communities of Knowsley, St Helens and beyond with world class hospitals and five star patient care is at the heart of everything we do. Every single penny raised, every event organised and every hour volunteered makes a huge difference to our patients every single day.


Our fantastic fundraisers have helped provide beds for carers so they can be as comfortable as possible if they choose to stay in hospital with the person they care for.

Thanks to the fantastic fundraising efforts of our great supporters in the Knit and Natter Group, we've been able to purchase 10 incubator covers (£992.80) for our Special Care Baby Unit. The covers dampen light and noise for the baby, creating a peaceful and calm environment, reducing the level of cortisol and helping the baby settle and sleep.


As well as helping our tiniest babies sleep, we've purchased 10 "bed buddies" (£900) for the unit. These are positional aid pillows for premature babies and hold the baby in place in cots or incubators, preventing the need for rolled up blankets.  All the aids are re-usable and the Charity is delighted to be helping our youngest patients feel more comfortable.



Seddon Suite Rehabilitation Unit are the proud owners of a new leg, arm and upper-body trainer machine that will benefit patients receiving intensive rehabilitation after illness or injury.

The new equipment, paid for by us (£4000), helps to stop the decline in muscle performance in limbs for wheelchair bound patients. It also helps to keep the cardiovascular system active during recovery. 


 But we're not standing still we need lots more support 

so we can brighten the lives of lots more patients!​​

Send us an email:
Call us: 0151 290 4400
Tweet us: @WSHospsCharity
Registered Charity Number: 1053125