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What We Do

Whiston and St Helens Hospitals' Charity raises funds to brighten the lives of the patients and families we care for every year 

We are first and foremost a local hospital charity, we care for the people you care for.


Providing the communities of Knowsley, St Helens and beyond with world class hospitals and five star patient care is at the heart of everything we do and every single penny raised, every event organised and every hour volunteered really does make a huge difference to our patients every single day.


Our fantastic fundraisers have helped provide beds for carers so they can be as comfortable as possible if they choose to stay in hospital with the person they care for.




Marie Honey, Nurse Consultant Department of Medicine for Older People, "We are proud to actively support John's campaign a national campaign set up to encourage care involvement in hospital. The effect of a hospital stay can be catastrophic for a person with dementia – as it was for the man whose experience prompted this campaign and so we are, with our hospitals' charity help, doing all we can to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for carers who wish to stay overnight"



<-- Lauren Hanson, Dementia Nurse Specialist and Marie Honey, Nurse Consultant Department of Medic​ine for Older People


 We've decorated our maternity unit with the most gorgeous photographs of babies our amazing midwives helped to deliver at Whiston Hospital 




Nicki Jones, Maternity Matron, "It's so important that our maternity unit is a welcoming, friendly and warm environment not just for the expecting and new families we meet but also for the staff who work so hard to ensure our mums have a positive experience. The photographs are a wonderful addition, they have brightened up the walls and make everyone who comes onto the unit smile."



We've bought amazing new equipment which allows us to use the latest technology to help us further improve the diagnostics, care and treatment for our patients  


2 Leica microscopes and cameras were purchased to help our award winning Cancer ​Services team deliver the very best treatment.  ​ ​​​

​​ 50 ultrasound machines were purchased for our Rheumatology Department, they'll be used assess joints and soft tissues and will help interventions such as aspiration and injection.
​​​ 51 spot vision screeners were purchased for Ophthalmology to help quickly and easily​ detect vision issues on patients from 6 months of age and beyond.​

But we're not standing still we need lots more support 

so we can brighten the lives of lots more patients!​​

Send us an email:
Call us: 0151 290 4400
Tweet us: @WSHospsCharity
Registered Charity Number: 1053125