Younger Patients


Whiston and St Helens Hospitals’ Charity’s supports our younger patients by providing specialist toys to reduce anxiety, distract patients during procedures before treatment and vital equipment to keep our babies comfortable.



Paediatric Fund

You can help us to provide better play equipment for our children in the Paediatric Ward and reduce their anxiety during procedures before treatment. 


Karen Mealand from The Coffee House in Woolton raised an impressive £850 for our Paediatric Fund, making a real difference to children’s lives and their experience in hospital. Find out how you can get involved.




Your donations have provided…

Wall Murals for the Special Care Baby Unit featuring
children who have been cared for by the team and who have grown into health and happy people sharing a message of hope and positivity



Specialist Play Equipment to help occupy distressed
children and keep their minds at ease before undergoing treatment


10 Bed Buddies for premature babies to provide positional aid in incubators and stimulate a womb-like environment


A shiny new waiting area in our main Outpatients
department with new toys, table & chairs to support those children attending specialist clinics.














With your support, we can provide vital equipment to help our youngest patients feel more comfortable in our Special Care Baby Unit.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Knit & Natter Group, we raised £992.80 for 10 incubator covers. These dampen light and noise for the baby, creating a peaceful environment, reducing cortisol and helping babies settle to sleep.
This is just one of the many ways you can help.


How you can help us

We aim to lessen, if not alleviate, the suffering experienced by a child with the use of bright colours, wall art and imagery. Our new child-friendly waiting area will provide a relaxing, bright, inviting and healing space for them and help to establish a link between home and hospital. Learn more here.

Every single penny you donate makes a real difference, as without your help we wouldn’t be able to provide all those special extras for our patients.

You can help us do more for our mothers and babies by choosing to make a donation online.

Or maybe you want to show your support by fundraising at one of our events or by doing your own thing. We’ve got plenty of ideas and can guide you through it.