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Burns & Plastic

Burns & Plastics fund is Whiston and St Helens Hospitals’ Charity’s dedicated charitable fund for our patients undergoing rehabilitation treatment for burns and plastic reconstruction.

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We have recently spent £31,000 to further develop our unique specialist bespoke pressure garment service. We are proud to provide bespoke pressure garments which help with improving the appearance of scars and helping the scars to mature more quickly, in addition to aiding oedema control.

Our in-house service enables pressure garments to be tailor-made within the hour, with alterations made at the time of fitting.

What are pressure garments?

Pressure garments are custom-made to treat whatever area of the burns patient’s body requires compression – such as gloves, socks, leg tubes, arm sleeves, shorts, leggings, vests, the style is chosen to cover the extent that needs to be treated.

Pressure garments can only be worn once wounds have healed. Pressure garments help to flatten and reduce the vascularity of the scars to encourage the scars to mature.

Pressure garments can also help with reducing itching as they reduce the increased blood supply to the area, helping to reduce swelling/oedema to the affected area.

“After providing this service on my own for 18 years, this money has now enabled new staff to be trained to measure and make bespoke pressure garments for Burns and Plastics patients.”

Pam Gore, Therapy Assistant and Pressure Garment Service Lead

Former patients tell us this service was a vital part of their treatment and thanks to a generous donation to our hospitals’ charity, we can now ensure it continues for at least another two years.

The artec LEO 3D scanner

The Prosthetics Department in Whiston Hospital have also received funding for an Artec Leo 3D handheld scanner. The first of its kind for a North West trust. The scanner can be used to produce working models of patient tissues to manufacture splinting devices.

The Artec Leo 3D scanner is an extremely powerful face and body scanner capable of producing a digital image in seconds.

It’s particularly useful for the more compromised or challenging patient and will be a great addition to the department and the specialities that they work alongside.

These are just a couple of examples of how our charity brightens the lives of patients. Every penny raised is vital for us to continue providing services like this. 

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